Slide Background

The Project

LAZARUS (pLatform for Analysis of Resilient and secUre Software) is a three-year research and innovation project that aims to heal many of the security issues that befall modern software during its development life cycle. The recently introduced paradigm of DevSecOps - in medium to large companies - unfortunately, lacks automated security tools, while most existing solutions are targeting only one narrow step of the SDLC process but miss a much-needed holistic overview of the global security solution. LAZARUS innovates by intervening in multiple steps of the SDLC, performing targeted security checks and collecting valuable information and intelligence from each step, and exploiting advanced ML and AI methods to convert this intelligence into actionable insights and recommendations. The main innovations of LAZARUS are illustrated in the figure below. Moreover, we provide advanced features for developers, that employing our tools would be able to deploy more intelligent and distributed solutions through dedicated APIs. LAZARUS follows an open-source approach for the core functionality, which is supported by a realistic and viable business model for the sustainability and further exploitation of the project after it reaches the end of this financing phase.

Work Packages (WP)

WP1 - Coordination & Project Management

The main objective of this WP is to carry out the necessary management activities aiming at an effective coordination of the overall project work plan. This WP includes the project management concerned with the administrative issues, including costs, timing and completeness of the deliverables.

WP2 - Use-cases & system requirements

This work package will collect all the requirements (end users, market needs), will specify how the implementation will be made in terms of architecture, technologies etc. and will conduct socio-economic impact studies.

WP3 - Advanced tools for software engineering

This WP will focus on the technologies that are required for LAZARUS and their corresponding state-of-the-art. While this WP, due to its wide reach and complexity, could be easily broken down into more WPs, for managerial reasons we opted for a unique WP that is divided into different streams through individual tasks. Each task has specific goals to achieve, which are timely reported, grouping the outcomes, when possible.

WP4 - Platform Implementation & Integration

This WP will design, develop and integrate LAZARUS software modules. This WP will also build demonstrators on which the project's results are going to be validated.

WP5 - Testing & Validation

Will test the modules developed in WP4 to validate their usage, relevance and changes that have to be made to meet the needs of end users.

WP6 - Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation

The objective of the Work Package aims to communicate and disseminate the results amongst project stakeholders and interested parties, with the aim (amongst others) to raise awareness and interest on the project results. LAZARUS exploitation is also included in this WP.